Monday, March 18, 2013

I've always loved letters. The "Dear Aunt Grace" kind and the alphabet kind.
When I was in high school I practiced writing like the typeface in my school books.
I would fill the leading..the blank space in between sentences, with my practice work, 
much to my mother's dismay. She did not approve of me ruining a perfectly good textbook
and marking all through it.  That is now called annotating. And my high school sons are not only 
encouraged to mark away, they get graded on how well they do it for required English reading.

So it's no wonder that I found the fabulous world of calligraphy. Seeing something beautifully handwritten makes my heart happy. It makes someone's day. Or week. Sometimes one simple word or two written beautifully on a scrap of paper says more than you can imagine. It can set the tone for a party or wedding or make your child smile when they open their lunchbox at school.
It's awesome !

I have to admit that this year I wrote Happy Valentine's Day beautifully on a ziploc bag filled with candy and sent it in my sons' lunches. They're in high school. I'm sure they were mortified. But I didn't draw hearts or anything. And I decided that I don't care. I miss writing those little notes you send when they're younger. And I know deep inside they liked it. At least the candy part.

So here's a tip. You don't have to have beautiful handwriting to do calligraphy well. And you don't 
have to be right handed. I'm a lefty who just practiced a lot. Come back soon. I've got lots to share.

Calligraphy Katherine


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